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Story Notes:

Author’s Note: This is in response to Lynda’s June 2015 challenge using the words June, eight and purple. Cheryl deserves a big thank you for the wonderful beta, so THANK YOU, Cheryl.

Author's Chapter Notes:
Disclaimer: Scarecrow and Mrs. King and its characters belong to WB and Shoot the Moon Productions. No infringement is intended. This story is for entertainment purposes only. Please do not redistribute or reproduce this story without my permission





Moving to a new base with EIGHT days remaining in the month of JUNE meant an early summer vacation for Lee. Lugging his bag, he stomped up the stairs, and into what would be his bedroom—if he were lucky, for the next year or two.


His duffle bag slid from his fingers, and landed on the floor with a thud. Groaning, he slowly turned 360 degrees to take in the full effect of his new room.




The horrid grape color covered everything; the walls, the rug, even the ceiling. He felt trapped inside a giant cube of grape bubble gum. Now, if could get the warden to agree, he’d paint over the horrid color before looking for a summer job.




The ogre bellowed. Deciding to let the old man wait, Lee walked to the window to check out his view. Not bad, he could see into the neighbor’s yard. He hoped a hot babe lived next door. A large tree almost reached his window. It made a perfect escape route if he needed one.


"Now, Skip!”


The bellow turned into a roar. With a heavy sigh, Lee stomped down the hallway, and then down the stairs, stopping on the second step from the bottom. “Sir?”


“Skip, as you know, I’m taking the boys out on maneuvers for the next three days. You’ll be bunking with Sergeant Dorsey. This will give the boys in housing time to get the house in order before the furniture arrives. Understood!”


He really hated this. Why couldn’t he stay by himself? He wasn’t a baby after all. It took all his control not to roll his eyes at the Major. “Yeah, whatever.”


The sergeant smiled and stepped forward with his hand extended. “Nice to meet you, Skip. I’m Barney.”


Lee shook the offered hand. “Nice to me you, Sergeant. My NAME is Lee Stetson.”


“Hello, Lee. Please call me Barney. Now go grab your stuff and we’ll get out of the Major’s hair. He can’t afford to lose any more.” He chuckled, and winked.


Lee turned and headed back up to his room fighting a smile the whole way. Maybe, staying with the old m. . . Barney wouldn’t be so bad.





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