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Story Notes:
Thanks to Maggie M for all her help :O)

Hell Hath No Fury




Kristin Bridger released a sigh and looked up from the microscope. She glanced at the clock on the wall and saw that it was nearly time to leave.  Sliding off her work stool, she pressed her hands to the small of her back and left them there as she crossed to her small office.  Minutes later she stepped out carrying a small suitcase.  She said goodbye to all her colleagues as she headed for the lab door and stepped out into the corridor.


As she walked down the hallway to the front foyer, Kristin mused over all that had happened the last couple of years and a small smile touched her lips.   The new seaQuest had been in service for just over two years now.  One year after returning to the seaQuest, she and Nathan had been married.  Three months later the UEO decided they wanted to build a sister ship to the seaQuest.  That ship had been completed on the two year anniversary of the seaQuest's completion and had been christened the oceanQuest.  Since the new ship needed a Captain - Jonathan Ford had been promoted and given command of the oceanQuest.


Nathan was proud of his former XO and was happy for him.  But Jonathan's promotion left the XO's spot open on the seaQuest.  Nathan had known immediately who he had wanted in that spot, Katie Hitchcock.  Since Katie was already in command of her own ship, Nathan had been unsure whether or not Katie would accept and was surprised and pleased when his former Chief Engineer had accepted immediately.


Several more changes had occurred with the completion of the new ship... Miguel, Tim and Lucas stayed with the seaQuest and Levine had been promoted to Assistant CMO with Henderson, Smith and Tony being been assigned to Jonathan's command.


Around the same time as these changes were taking place, Kristin had found out that she was pregnant, as such everyone, including she and Nathan had felt it best that when her pregnancy had progressed substantially that she should take a temporary position at UEO headquarters.  When she had left, Joshua had stepped into her spot as temporary Chief Medical Officer of the seaQuest.


So here she was, six months later, married to the most wonderful man in the world, her body eight months pregnant with his child and she was more happy than she could ever remember being.


Kristin stepped out into the late morning sunshine and as she did she ran a hand lovingly down the curve of her abdomen.  "Time to go and see Daddy." she murmured softly as she headed down the steps.  As she reached the bottom she saw a familiar face.


"Morning Dr. B." the head of UEO security smiled.


"Good morning Charles." Kristin replied with a smile


"Are you heading out to the seaQuest shuttle?" Charles asked pleasantly.


"That I am."


 "Would you care for a ride to the dock?" Charles offered.


"That would be nice, thank you." Kristin smiled and let him take her arm and lead her over to the UEO security car that sat just a few feet away.


Several minutes later the car pulled up at the dock and Charles slipped out of the car, moving around to open the door for her.  As Kristin got out he reached into the back seat to retrieve her suitcase.


"Thanks." she smiled as she took the bag from him.


"You're welcome.  Have a nice ride down and say hi to the Cap for me."


"I will Charles. Thank you." Kristin finished as she moved away, heading towards the large group of people who were awaiting instructions before entering the shuttle.


As she reached the back of the line, Ortiz spotted her and moved from his spot near the launch doors to greet her. "Hi Dr. B." he smiled. "It's good to see you again."


"Hello Mr. Ortiz." Kristin smiled.  "It's good to see you again too."


"How's the little one doing?" he added, nodding his head towards her gravid stomach.


"Just fine." Kristin chuckled as she once again caressed the swell of her abdomen. "Very active right now. What's all this about?" she questioned nodding to all the crew members.


"Crew rotations... The UEO sprung them on us at the last minute.  Needless to say the Captain was none too pleased." Miguel grinned.


"I'll just bet.  Bill's stunts always put him in a bad mood." Kristin stated with a slight frown.


"Not to worry Doc.  Having you onboard always brightens the Captain's mood no matter how dark it is."


Kristin merely gave the young man a smile


"Listen, we're going to be a few more minutes with this and there's no sense you waiting out here. Why don't you head right on inside and we'll get underway just as soon as we can."


"Thanks Miguel." she replied and headed inside.  Kristin took a seat near the back and settled back to wait.


Some twenty minutes later the small shuttle docked in the seaQuest's cavernous docking bay.  Kristin remained seated until all the new crew members had disembarked.


As she climbed the docking ladder into the seaQuest and looked around the large room she saw that Katie had rounded all the new crew members into one corner and was speaking to them.


As Kristin made her way down the steps she caught the last of Katie's lecture.


"Mr. O'Neil has your cabin assignments.  You will follow him and have a half hour to stow your gear before reporting to the wardroom for a briefing with Captain Bridger.  Dismissed."


Once they had followed O'Neil, Katie turned and when she saw Kristin she smiled.


"Kristin." the younger woman said as she headed across the room.


"Hello Katie." Kristin smiled as she greeted her friend with a warm hug.


"Look at you." Katie smiled as she reached out to pat Kristin's tummy.  "You look so..."


"Huge." Kristin supplied


"I was going to say radiant." Katie smiled.


"Where's Nathan?"


"He should be here any minute. He got tied up with the Secretary General on the vidlink... ah speak of the devil." Katie grinned as she saw Nathan appear around the corner. "See you for coffee later?" Katie questioned and Kristin nodded.


"Captain." Katie smiled as she moved past him.


"Commander." Nathan replied watching her leave then turned to look at the woman standing in front of him.  "Hey there Mrs. Bridger." he smiled and moved towards her.


"That's Dr. Bridger to you sailor." Kristin purred with a playful grin.


"Oh really?" Nathan grinned as he reached out and drew her close.


"Really." Kristin countered as she wrapped her arms around his neck, her fingers playfully teasing the hair at the nape of his neck.  "Hello there." she said softly when her lips were mere inches from his.


"You sure are a sight for these tired eyes." Nathan whispered softly and saw the answering smile in her eyes as he captured her lips with his own.


When they parted, Nathan slipped his arm around her waist.  "How are you feeling?" he questioned softly as the moved down the corridors towards their stateroom.


"I had another prenatal exam yesterday and everything is fine.  I'm just a little tired." Kristin told him as she leaned her head against his shoulder.


They arrived at the cabin moments later.  Nathan pushed the door open and steered Kristin inside towards the bunk.


"I have a briefing with the new crew in a few minutes then I have to head up to the bridge." Nathan told her as she sat on the edge of the bunk.  "Why don't you rest and then when I'm off duty I'll buy you some dinner."


"You've got a deal, handsome." Kristin grinned.


Nathan chuckled and leaned down to kiss her tenderly.  "See you later sweetheart. Love you." he murmured.


"Love you too." Kristin replied, flashing him as smile and watched as he crossed to the door then turned flashing her a wink and a smile before stepping out into the corridor and closing the door.  Smiling, Kristin kicked off her shoes then stretched out on the bunk, pulling a colorful afghan over her and closed her eyes with a sigh.


As he stepped into the wardroom, Nathan scanned the sea of eager young faces. He headed for the front of the room and stood beside his XO.  "Commander Hitchcock. Is everyone assembled?"


"Yes, sir." Katie replied and stepped aside.


"Good." Nathan replied and turned to face the group.  "I'm Captain Nathan Bridger, welcome aboard the seaQuest.  You all have been assigned here because you are thought to be the best and Commander Hitchcock and I expect nothing less from you." he began. 


".......Commander Hitchcock has your duty assignments and she will be directly responsible for your integration to this crew.  After receiving your assignments you will report to your individual department heads.  One more thing, all new crew members are required to report to Dr. Levine in medbay to have a through medical exam, regardless of whether or not you have had another one recently.  In the course of our explorations we can come in contact with medical hazards and Medical will need recent base line data to refer to. That will be all, dismissed."


As all the new crew members filed out Katie stepped forward with a young woman.


"Captain, this is Petty Officer Andrea Reynolds.  She's been assigned as your Yeoman."


Nathan looked at the young woman in UEO khaki, dark hair pulled back neatly into a trim bun.  "Welcome Petty Officer Reynolds." Nathan greeted her.  "You will report to the Commander at 0800 tomorrow and she will get you started."


"Aye sir." Reynolds replied and saluted.


Nathan responded in kind then turned to Katie.  "Commander, may I speak with you a moment?"


Katie nodded and followed Nathan outside as they turned away neither noticed the purely sensual smile that crossed Reynolds face as her eyes settled on Nathan's retreating figure and followed it out of sight.


Once they were outside Nathan turned to Hitchcock.  "Katie, I don't need a secretary." he groused.


"Well the Secretary General thinks that you do and ordered me to assign someone to you.  Petty Officer Reynolds has the most clerical experience. Sorry." Katie finished with a grin.


"I'll get Bill for this." he grouched.


"I'm sure you will." Katie chuckled.


"Uhm, clear out that small storage room next to my office and set up Reynolds in there."


"Yes, sir.  Anything else?"


"Not at the moment but if I think of something I will let you know." Nathan told her with a smile.


"Aye sir." Katie grinned as she turned away.



Nathan returned to his cabin much later than he had expected.  He opened the door and as he stepped done inside he began apologizing.  "Kris, sorry I'm late but...." he stopped when he saw that she was still curled up asleep.


With a tender smile he crossed over to the bunk and sat down beside her.  He reached out to gentle brush a lock of russet hair from her eyes then his hand dropped to caress the swell of her abdomen.  Kristin stirred and her eyelids fluttered open.  Her whiskey-hued eyes were dark and heavy with sleep.  "Mmm, hello." she mumbled.


"Hello." Nathan smiled and leaned down to kiss her.  "Go back to sleep. I didn't mean to wake you." he whispered softly against her lips.


"Mmm'kay." Kristin muttered and rolled over onto her side.


"Sweet dreams, m'love." Nathan whispered as his lips brushed across the satiny curve of her cheek.  Rising from the bunk, he pulled the afghan more snugly around her.


Kristin awoke and opened her eyes, focusing immediately on the form of her husband working quietly at the desk.  She studied him for a moment, taking in that he was dressed only in the old ratty pair of sweats that he loved to lounge around in.


As if he sensed her gentle scrutiny, Nathan looked over his shoulder and saw that she was awake.


"Hey." he said softly as he got up from his chair.


"Nathan, you shouldn't have let me sleep so long." Kristin scolded gently as she got up from the bunk.


"You were tired and needed your rest.  Now more than ever." He explained. "I'll forgive your laziness, but only this time." He joked playfully as he ran gentle fingers down her cheek.


Kristin chuckled.  "Well that's awfully nice of you considering that you're partially responsible for *why* I'm so tired in the first place."


Nathan grinned and reached out to rest his hands against her protruding stomach.  "You mean, this." he said with a definitely amused tone to his voice.


"Yes, this." Kristin smiled and covered his hands with her own.  "I'll just bet you enjoyed yourself too."


"Ooh I did." Nathan replied and flashed her a saucy grin.


"Mmm, well so did I.' Kristin purred and stepped into the warmth of his arms.  Nathan enfolded Kristin in his arms and pulled her as close as her gravid body allowed.  His blue eyes were alight with mischief and the stirring of desire as he brushed her lips with his own, tracing the outline with his tongue.  Nathan was rewarded with Kristin's soft moan and his lips left hers to trail along her cheek to her ear.


"So," he whispered.  "Tell me again about how long it was safe to uh..." his voice trailed off and he pulled back to look into her eyes.  "You know." he grinned playfully.


Kristin smiled.  "You know perfectly well that it's safe as long as I don't feel any discomfort." she finished and pressed a kiss to his nose.


"Well then." Nathan grinned.  "In that case, why don't we go back over to that bunk and celebrate your welcome, properly."


Kristin put a slender hand in the center of his chest.  "Hold on a moment, Sailor. First things first.  You need to feed me." she drawled.


"I thought that's what I was going to do." Nathan muttered as he bent his head to kiss her.


"I meant for *food*. Idiot." she muttered playfully.  "This little one needs her nourishment." Kristin smiled softly and took Nathan's large hand in hers, pulling it to the spot on her abdomen where the baby was kicking.  "Feel it?" she asked softly and watched the wonderment and awe chase across his face as he felt the movement beneath his hand.


Nathan looked up and met Kristin's sable gaze.  "You're sure this little one is a girl?" he questioned with a smile as he slipped a hand beneath her maternity blouse and tenderly caressed the warm flesh of her stomach.


"I'm positive. I knew the first time I felt her moving inside me.  Besides, I know that we had decided not to ask what the amniocentesis and ultrasound results revealed about the baby's sex but I couldn't wait any longer and asked yesterday while at my exam.  We're definitely having a girl."  She gave him a soft smile and reached out to tenderly caress his cheek.  "Would you rather be having a boy?" she asked him quietly.


"No Kristin it doesn't matter, just as long as she is strong and healthy and has her mother's eyes." he replied with a tender smile.  "Now come on. Let's go and raid the galley.  I can't have my two favorite girls go hungry now, can I?"


Nathan sat across from Kristin in the deserted Officer's Mess and grimaced as he watched her devour the plate of liver and onions that the cook had graciously made for her.


"Ugh!" he commented as he took a sip of his coffee.  "I don't know how you can possibly eat that."


Kristin looked up and flashed him a grin as she speared a carrot and popped it into her mouth.  "Believe it or not," she told him when she had swallowed "Before I got pregnant I wouldn't have touched liver if you paid me." she finished as took a drink of her cold milk.


When she set the glass back down on the table Nathan chuckled.


"What's so funny?"


"You are," he said softly "Milk mustache." he replied as he leaned over and tenderly wiped the milk from her upper lip.



A half hour later they moved through the nearly deserted hallways back to their cabin.  As they entered, Nathan leaned down to kiss Kristin's cheek before slipping into the head.


When he stepped out moments later Kristin stood in front of the full length cheval mirror that sat in one corner of the room and she was nude except for a pair of teal silk panties.  Nathan heard her sigh as she ran her hands down her gravid stomach.


"What's the matter?" he asked her quietly and she turned her head to look at him.


"I'm fat." she told him with a childish pout.


"You're not fat, you're pregnant. And I happen to think that you are beautiful and sexy."


"Oh yeah?" Kristin said as she flashed him a grin.  "Well talk is cheap, Bridger.   And you know what they say about actions being louder than words."


Nathan smiled at the playful invitation and crossed the room in quick easy strides.  He stopped behind her and reached out to trace the curve of her spine with his finger.  He smiled when he felt the resulting shiver that ran though her body.  Leaning forward, Nathan brushed her hair aside and pressed his lips to the sensitive spot behind her ear.  "Is that what you want, Mrs. Bridger?" he teased softly as his arms snaked around her.  With a gentle tug he pulled her back against him and his hands slid up over the satin smooth curve of her stomach to cup the heavy weight of her breasts.  "Some action?" he whispered huskily as his thumbs teased her nipples.


Kristin moaned and leaned back against him.  Her hand dropped and moved between the close press of their bodies, seeking out and caressing him through the material of his sweats.  It was Nathan's turn to moan as she caressed his growing hardness.  Sliding his hands up to her shoulders, Nathan gently turned her to face him.  His hands cupped her face and he looked down into her eyes.  "Have I told you today how very much I love you Mrs. Bridger?" he whispered softly.


"You have indeed, Mr. Bridger. But I don't mind hearing it again."


"I love you." he whispered


"I love you too.  Now why don't you show me that as fat as I am I'm still the love of your life?"


"Oh I will." Nathan replied as his lips descended to hers and he proceeded to do just that.


Kristin sighed contentedly and snuggled back into Nathan's embrace as he lay spooned up behind her.  He pressed a kiss to her bare shoulder as his fingers traced lazy patterns over the warm flesh of her abdomen.  After a moment, Kristin stilled his hand, interlacing their fingers and drew his hand up to her mouth. She pressed a kiss to his hand before pulling it close to her chest.  "So," she said softly.  "You never did tell how the briefing with the new crew members went."


"Well you know, same old same old. Nothing too exciting except that Noyce decided that I now need a secretary."


"Oh?" Kristin replied and Nathan could hear the amusement in her voice.


"Yah, Petty Officer Andrea Reynolds.  Katie thinks she'll work out all right."


"And you?'


"I told Katie that I didn't need a secretary. Told Noyce too, but well....  We'll just have to see how things go."


"I'm sure she'll be fine." Kristin murmured through a yawn.


"You should sleep." Nathan whispered and pressed another kiss to her bare shoulder.


"Mmm, I'd love to." Kristin chuckled lightly and drew their still linked hands back to her abdomen.  "But your daughter has other ideas, she's having more fun kicking me."


Nathan smiled the shifted and sat up.  As Kristin rolled onto her back he slid down the  bunk until he could rest his cheek against her stomach.  His smile broadened when he felt the tiny foot pushing from the other side.  "Hey there little girl." he whispered softly "It's Dad and I need you to go to sleep so that your mama can get some rest.  Love you, precious girl." he finished and pressed a tender kiss to Kristin's stomach before moving back and pulling her into his arms.


"Thank you." Kristin whispered softly.  Nathan merely gave her a tender smile and kissed her softly.


As they settled back on the bunk, Kristin snuggled close to the comforting warmth of his body, her head settling on his shoulder and her leg draping across him.


"Sleep now." Nathan whispered as his hand brushed through her hair then down her back.  He felt her answering nod then she released a tired sigh.  Nathan smiled, closing his eyes and followed her into dreams.




It was early and Nathan moved quietly through the cabin as he got ready to go on duty.  He tried to be as silent as he could, not wanting to wake his still slumbering wife.  When he had finished dressing, Nathan crossed back to the bunk and looked down at her.  He smiled tenderly as he watched her sleep.  She was curled on her side, her favorite and most comfortable positions of late, one arm angled down over her breasts and her hand was pressed almost protectively to her stomach.  Reaching out, Nathan pulled the covers back over her, tucking them in around her then leaned down to brush a kiss to her cheek.  "Love you, wife." he whispered softly then stepped away from the bunk and headed for the hatch.


"Nathan?" Kristin's voice called out, low and husky from sleep.


"Good morning." he replied and made his way back to her.  "I thought that you were still sleeping."


"I was." Kristin told him with a sleepy smile as she pushed herself up on one arm. "But Miss Bridger is doing some very unfair things to my bladder." she joked lightly.


Nathan chuckled and rested one knee on the bunk as he leaned down to press a tender kiss to her lips.


"Sorry, but I've got to go. I'm already late for the morning briefing."


"It's all right." Kristin told him with an understanding smile.  " but when you get off duty tonight...." she deliberately didn't finish as she let her hand deliver her point as it slid down the front of his uniform, caressing him and reawakening the tumescence.


Nathan stilled her hand and pulled it away from him.  "You keep that up and I'm going to be even later."


"Grouch." Kristin purred


"Pain in the ass." Nathan countered playfully.


"Spoilsport." Kristin retaliated.


"Brat." Nathan finished and kissed her again.  "Bye." he whispered


"Bye." Kristin replied and watched as he left before releasing a sigh and getting up, moving to the head.





Reynolds arrived at the Captain's office to find the door open and the room empty.  Commander Hitchcock was obviously running late.  Stepping into the room she stopped in the center and looked around.  It wasn't very big and contained only a desk, a chair, a  filing cabinet and vidscreen monitor on the wall facing the desk.


Andrea moved around the room looking at everything.   She stopped in front of some framed photographs on the wall and studied them.  Two were of past and present crews of the seaQuest.  Another was Bridger standing with his arm around a young teenage boy.  Another was Bridger with a dolphin.


She moved away and stopped at the desk.  In one corner stood a picture frame.  She picked it up and looked at it.  It was the image of Bridger with a red haired woman.  They were smiling at each other and Andrea felt the familiar embrace of envy and hate creep up over her.


"He will be mine." she murmured.  And set the picture back on the desk just as Katie stepped in to the room.




"Good morning Yeoman Reynolds." Katie smiled pleasantly.


"I couldn't help but notice the picture on the desk. May I ask who the woman with the Captain is?"


"Oh that's Kristin," Katie smiled.  "She's the Captain's wife."


"Oh." Reynolds nodded


"Well. Let's get started, there's much to cover.  You will be handling all clerical duties for  the Captain except for all classified documents which he will, of course, handle himself.  You will also be assigned to any clerical functions that I might require when your work load allows it.  The filing cabinet is kept locked at all times and only the Captain and I have keys. If you need a file just ask one of us."


"Yes ma'am." Reynolds nodded meekly.


"Good, well I'll show you to your office and you can get started.  Remember that you are required to stop by Medbay at some point today."


"Of course." Reynolds smiled sweetly and followed Katie out of the room.





Joshua Levine turned back to his patient and frowned when he saw the purely lustful look that entered the woman's eyes.  He followed her line of sight to see Captain Bridger standing in the doorway.


"Petty Officer Reynolds.  May I offer you a little friendly advice?  Don't even consider it, because it's never going to happen."


Reynolds shot the doctor a glare.  "How could you possibly know what I am considering?"


"Because it's written all over your face and I'll be the first and most likely not the last to tell you that Captain Bridger is very happily married. What you have in mind will never happen."  Joshua told the woman with a smile.


"If he spends most of his time on this ship and only sees her when leave allows then it can't be a very happy or *satisfying* marriage."


"Oh who said anything about the Captain only seeing his wife when leave allows. I never said that." Joshua stated and smiled winningly at the look on the woman's face.  For some reason that he couldn't quite place yet Levine instantly distrusted this woman.  He felt an instant and overwhelming need to protect his friends. 

"The Captain's wife is the Chief Science and Medical officer." Levine began and then his smile broadened... "Well what do you know, there she is now." he added and pointed to the doorway.


Andrea turned her head to look over her shoulder and watched as Bridger crossed to the woman who stood in the doorway.  Pure envy and hatred sheeted through her as Bridger pulled his wife close and gave her a kiss that was more passionate than was proper in a public place. He pulled back and spoke softly to her.  Kristin threw her head back and Reynolds could hear her delighted laughter at whatever he had said.  Bridger spoke again and she watched as he reached out and tenderly caressed the pregnant swell of his wife's abdomen.


"Looks *very* satisfying to me." Levine quipped as he moved away from the woman and greeted Kristin.


Out of the corner of his eye, Levine saw Reynolds storm out of Medbay.  After Kristin and Nathan had left Joshua went in search of Katie.


He found her on the bridge.  "Commander, can I speak with you for a moment?"


"Sure." Katie replied then cast a quick glance around the bridge before motioning the doctor out into the hallway.


"What's wrong?" Katie asked him.


"You need to keep a very close eye on Reynolds." he told her




"Because, to put it nicely, she has her sights set on the Captain and seems bound and determined to get him.  She seems the type to be very dangerous.  I suspect that she might even go after Kristin.  You should have seen the overwhelming hate in her eyes. It was scary."


"Thanks Josh.  Do you think I should warn the Captain?"


"Not just yet.  I could be wrong but I don't think so."


"Okay, I'll keep an eye on her."





True to her word, for the next week Katie kept very close watch on Andrea Reynolds and quickly came to the conclusion that Joshua had been right.  This woman could be very dangerous.  The captain seemed oblivious to the incessant flirting the woman was doing with him, or if he was aware of it he was ignoring her.  And with each brush off Katie could see the woman's determination and hatred towards Kristin grow.


At the end of the week Noyce granted the crews of both the seaQuest and the oceanQuest a week's leave.  As such, Nathan coordinated with Jonathan and they planned for the former and present senior crew of the seaQuest to get together for a night of poker.  Katie knew that this would be the idea time to talk to Nathan and make him aware of hers and Joshua's concerns.

Chapter End Notes:


seaQuest and all its characters belong to Amblin Entertainment.  I am only  borrowing these characters for a while and will return them undamaged when I am done. This is a work of amateur fan fiction and no infringement on the owner's copyright is meant. The song lyrics for "You'll Be In My Heart" belong to Phil Collins

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